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Is Breast Cancer still a concern and relevant to you?

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Survivor of Breast Cancer – Steps explained on how to treat it.

A new study into the sleep patterns of mice shows that there is a link between acute sleep disruption and an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

The study used mice with an altered gene that makes them more susceptible to breast cancer tumors. This can be likened to women who have underlying genetic factors that raise the risk of developing breast cancer.

Past studies have linked lifestyles that demand sleeping schedules that oppose the natural body clock with an increased risk of not just breast cancer but other types of cancer as well. These studies notice higher-than-usual incidences of breast cancer in flight attendants and night workers

There are speculated reasons for this link between defying the circadian rhythm and developing cancer. For example, melatonin production is suppressed when night workers are exposed to artificial light, the natural sleep cycle is disrupted, and essential vitamin D levels are reduced due to lack of sunlight. The researchers of the study accounted for melatonin and low vitamin D levels to show that they were not contributing factors to the development of breast cancer or weight gain in the mice. This further indicates that it is a disruption to the circadian rhythm that is responsible for the increased risk.

However, it is tricky to find a definite cause in humans since the lifestyles of day and night workers may vary in ways that affect the risk of cancer more than altered sleep cycles. This is why this research on mice is essential: It is difficult to do a long-term study in humans, whereas it is much easier to do the same in mice.
Tamara St. John discovered her breast cancer while finishing her Masters Degree. Without medical insurance, she set out on her own to find a treatment and potential cure. Find out what she learned in her amazing story!

Source: She Cured Her Breast Cancer-Here’s How! – YouTube

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